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Originally posted by Bana
Yes it appears that your conjecture was proven correct much to my dismay saturnotaku
In Sat's defense, you've gotta admit that CM comes across with a tired conceited tone in making statements like this:
To clarify what i meant in my first portion was that I use computers enough, well enough is an understatement. I am a computer science major, minor in m.i.s. and english. I am beyond my class as far as knowledg eof what computing is and code, but really dont enjoy the fact that none of my classmates use anything but windows.(some think linux is a video game)
I mean come on, big whoop-tee-doo that you're a computer science major (dime a dozen). Boasting that you're beyond your class...why? you want a button or something? Look, I'm not flaming you here, just trying to get you to check yourself. Those kind of comments are a turn off and serve no purpose other than being an attempt to puff yourself up. Ok?

We don't tolerate fighting like cats or major derogitory comments here. Unecessary assumtions and comments are a different story though, we're humans here and we all make mistakes (especially in this medium) when it comes to precise understanding and interpretation. Our moderators do the best they can to keep things civil and to maintain a mutual respect amongst everyone. Some members are banned at times and threads are closed if things do get out of hand.

So, having said all of this. We do welcome you here and I'm confident that you'll find the members here to be a valuable resource from time to time. Good luck with getting the answers to your questions. I'm no Linux expert but I have tinkered with WINE and been able to get certain MS development tools to run under it on Redhat 8, so if that ever tickles your fancy make a post and I'll let you know what little I do know.
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