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Originally posted by CodeMonkey
I do appriciate the post Max Power.

I apologize for appearing to have tried to beef myself up. I joined this forum on a day where i had a particularly large amount of people ignorant to other op-systems and unix all together. If my trying to present myself to the forum screwed that image up and made me come off like a badass then i apologize.

i just code all day, im nobody special

this medium of communication is indeed tough to read, and perhaps even descibing oneself is too much.

i learned a little while i was here, so no loss.

bana, you were espcially helpful, let me know if i can contact you on another forum of some kind

I must say that I am impressed. Seriously.

oSarcasm.Mode = false; //

It takes a big person to not pop off with what I handed you, which was probably a bit rough I admit. You came back with a mature, lucid response and that's awesome. Hey, we all have days like that so I understand. I'm very intolerant of idiots at times too, really does no good, just brings yourself down. I write a lot of code too, but we're all special bud. The better place for a bio on yourself is in your forum profile.

At any rate, hope I didn't scare you off and I do hope that you stick around and stay in touch with Bana here. The more members we have with your mentality the better!
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