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Caps don't work very well for PC games. Without consistancy (i.e. never or rarely dropping below set rate) simply limiting the cap doesn't help. Framerate is still totally dependant on the computer. But I don't think a 60 FPS cap will make that much difference...but if your computer's refresh rate is set to higher (72, 85, etc) with Vsync then the game is going to be LESS smooth because it's going to skip a few screen refreshes every once in a while. The only good thing that might happen because of this is that companies might work harder to get a more consistant framerate with less drops on the target system. That is one thing that gets annoying about PC games compaired to console games: usually console games run consistant throughout, but PC games like to have performances ranging from silky smooth to downright unplayable *shakes fist at 'ton hotel shootout in Deus Ex...*
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