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Thanks a lot guys

I never scrolled down when i downloaded the demo the first time so i didnīt see the benchmark version :/

I got a score of 62.81 with audio off (they benchmarked with audio off also) and compared it to tom:s chart here:

Aquamark cpu score is: 10,155

Have to determine if a cpu upgrade is worth it to match the new gfx cards comming out. Iīm running 2.4c @ 3.1, 5:4 right now but seriously thinking about a 3.4 northwood at around 3.6 - 3.7, 1:1. Either that or wait for the athlon64 3700+ with dual ddr. With all the new games featuring such advanced physics and ai, a strong cpu wonīt hurt you

And now this talk about Far Cry being 30% faster in 64bit mode makes the a64 even more tempting!

Have some more speculation to do
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