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Default 5336 low performance on GeForce4 440 Go SuSE 8.2 with patches

Firstly, IMHO, a heartfelt thanks for nVidia people for making drivers and a basically quite easy installer!!! I think LINUX community should be thankful for nVidia investing to LINUX community. This is my personal opinion.

Then on to problems:

I installed 5336 to a SuSE 8.2 system having:
GeForce4 440 Go
the latest kernel source updates@22-Feb-2004, today.
1,8 G processor

Yast Online Update broke the drivers a few days ago when patching kernel. I ran the newest installer, 5336. I got the machine going and nVidia loads (yes), but frame rate is @mere 1300 frames per 5 seconds --> about 252.400 FPS. This can not be the best the driver can do, as the speed is about 10 times faster on my other system, a GeForce 3!

The drivers were created on the fly by the nVidia installer, because there were no suitable precompiled kernel in the 5336. Are there options I could do to enhance the compiling process in some way?

What can I do?
I uninstalled and re-installed the driver once, just to be sure. To no avail.

Is the only opportunity to re-install an older driver? Or wait for an update?

Included are 3Ddiag, glxdiag. 3Ddiag complains that installation "has failed". nVidia installer reported no such thing, and there seems to be some sort of a 3D acceleration. I wonder whether it's real or an emulation though...

Have other people encountered the same problem? Any other ideas?
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