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GeForce FX5600 (1.0-5336)
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Default easy install but ...

Installed 2.6.2 (after getting the relevent tools was very easy) (only problem I had was with the uhci module being renamed to uhci-hcd).
Installed 5336 - absolutley no problems installing.
Ran GL screensavers full screen system hang with the first monitor going to a "NO SIG" state
I noticed the card seemed to get quite hot (gforce 5600) so I added a pci fan.
still was getting 70 from a sensor on one of the chips on the back.
Disabled AGP fast writes, AGP master wswrite (and read) in BIOS
temp is now 50 max with no obvious slow down (glxgears shows the same)
but system will still hang (though its the normal 95+ in top) also removed
options nvidia NVreg_EnableAGPFW=1 NVreg_EnableAGPSBA=1
still hangs ....

so bottom line nothing has changed from the 4496

oh and one last thing, every now and then on the second crt monitor i see for only a brief second some small patch of corruption, never causes any problems and i see it very rarley but still new and odd
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