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Hi all

I checked everything on GLX extensions in Appendix C of the
readme.txt. Checked if the necessary component files were there. Positive

From the readme
OpenGL and GLX header files
/usr/share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0/include/GL/glx.h). In most
circumstances the system provided headers in /usr/include/GL should
suffice for OpenGL development. But NVIDIA has provided these
headers as they contain the most up to date versions of NVIDIA's
OpenGL extensions. If you wish to make use of these headers it is
recommended that you copy them to /usr/include/GL/

But I dont have this directory :
Do I need to create it and copy those 2 files here?

Symlinks are ok too. This file is already present :
/usr/X11R6/lib/ if it means anything ???

The /dev files created by NVIDIA_kernel installation are also there.

So it looks like everything is in place. The readme section suggests to
test the ldd command but I'm not sure how to go abt running it.

After making sure every piece of the puzzle is attached together, I
insmod NVdriver and then ran ldconfig.

Started x but still no progress. X freezed at the nVidia logo.

What next???

Thanx guys for trying to help a noob here

ps/ see my XF86Config-4 above.
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