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Tony Hoyle
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Default Using 5336 with flat panel

I'm getting completely inconsistent results trying to get a flat panel working with the nvidia drivers.

ConnectedMonitor=DFP, IgnoreDisplayDevices=TV:
starting X causes the monitor to display 'No signal' then shut down. Exiting with Ctrl-Alt-Backspace restores console.

ConnectedMonitor=DFP,CRT, IgnoreDisplayDevices=TV:
Analog signal transmitted over VGA (which looks crap on a flatpanel). No digital signal.

ConnectedMonitor=CRT,DFP, IgnoreDisplayDevices=TV:
Same as DFP,CRT

ConnectedMonitor=DFP IgnoreDisplayDevices=TV,CRT
Black screen. Ctrl-Alt-Backspace does not recover - reboot required.
Randomly the driver will freeze in this mode requiring me to power cycle.

What is the correct setting for a flat panel? Is there another driver option I'm missing (the 'Work=Yes' option?)

Dual booting to XP proves the hardware is working - I get a digital display on that.
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