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thanks, but somehow i managed to completely avoid all of that by accident. i have no idea how, but this is waht i did.
i downloaded the drivers on a windows machine(it has a cdrw drive) put it on a cdrw disk. mounted that drive. then, it started to install. (wouldnt work while on the HDD. so then it came up with a message saying that the "file ALREADY exists on the system:continue and overwrite" so, i tabbed over to yes and, started to install, then came the error of not having kernel source installed. so i had to exit. out of frustration, i rebooted so i could start from a freash system load. and, oddly enough, the nvidia logo popped up on screen?? i played the gear screen saver, and it was playing around 95fps in fullscreen mode. please dont ask me what i did lol.
Anyway, before i "tried" to install the nvidia drivers, i ran sax2 before anything els i did(before i even read about needing drivers and whatever) looked up the cross refference of the board 0x0322 is my model(geforce fx 5200 agp with 128MB ddr ram. its crazy how its working, im not sure if its fully 100% sure that its working correctly, but im assuming that it is. i'll install ut2003 and see if it runs fine. if i it does, i guess its safe to say that it works correctly. anyway, uhm..if anyone els reads this, i guess try doing what i did. not that i planned any of it, or know what im doing.
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