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Originally posted by STEEL1

What version of ut are we talking about here ut2003 demo or ut2003 full retail version ?

Does xserver crash or just ut2003 ? if ut2003 crashes can you please post ut logs. Also if xserver crashes post the xserver logs.

Are you sure you have the cd key value in right ? the CD key for ut2003 needs to be type completely along with the dashes.

Open a gnome terminal and execute ut execute script on command line. This usually writes out some info on the screen which is lost when you simply click on the icon for ut2003.

Let us know
It is the ut2003 full retail version and only ut2003 crashes. It shows the little box that says Unreal Tournamnet 2003 Digital Extremes and so on and then disappears and nothing else comes up. I entered the CD key exactly as shown. I am a real newbie to linux so i don't know what the command is to run a file in the Gnome Terminal and i also have no idea of the location of the ut2003 log.
PS xserver does not crash
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