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Default two problems with current driver


recently I managed to get the current drivers working with my GeForce4 MX440. However, I have still got two problems that disturb me:

1. The first problem is a little strange: I installed the GLX-modules with "make install" from the .tar.gz-package. After a reboot, the GLX-modules are loaded and it works fine, but after a few days, the modules aren't loaded correctly anymore. I do "make install" again and it works...
This is somewhat strange, as I haven't modified anything related to the X-server or the driver.

2. This is even more annoying: Every time the X server is started, the screen turns black for about 20-30 sec (!), and then the nvidia logo is displayed and I can log me in. In another forum, several users had the same problem and could not find a solution.

My system:
SuSE 7.3, Celeron 433 on Intel AL440LX motherboard, 256 MB RAM

Thank you for your help

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