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Jaji Uaamanen
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Default Re: Redhat 8.0 reboot with NVidia 3123

Originally posted by dradick

I have tried both the tar.gz as well as the src.rpm
files. Both install cleanly, I modify XF86config
myself. Attempting to load the new drivers
results in immediate system reboot.

I have the same reboot problem. I have RH 8.0 upgraded from RH 7.3, I've always used self compiled NVIDIA_kernel (& _GLX). Both compile cleanly with gcc (GCC) 3.2 20020903 (Red Hat Linux 8.0 3.2-7). When I start X-server, system reboots (mostly, sometimes only freezes). XFree86 log shows no error, since it usually doesn't get written. If it gets written, it shows no error, "nvidia" gets loaded, but the file ends randomly.

I've tried BIOS settings with PNP-os and without, with no help.

System "nv" drivers work, same as glx etc. What is this problem related? Could it be old BIOS (I have not updated, since there was no need to)?
Previous nvidia drivers have worked with RH 7.1, but with RH 7.3 all glx apps froze; Chromium froze the whole system. With no 3D-applications nvidia drivers worked with RH 7.3. I thought that upg to RH 8.0 would solve this...

Any help appreciated...

MSI K7T Turbo (Via KT133A chip)
AMD 1.2 GHz Athlon TB
Geforce 2MX/400 64MB
Linux (RH 8.0) 2.4.18-14
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