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Default tls_var0 unresolved, coudln't find a solution

I did a search but none of the suggestions woudl fix it. When I load X I get the dlopen error with that it can't find the symbol __gl_tls_var0, thus glx doesn't get included with X. Most of the people suggested upgrading libc6 which I have upgraded to the latest version. I am using 2.6.3 kernel, nptl enabled glibc, /lib/ says that thread-local storage is included. Not sure what to do here. My distro is sourcemage. I am using nvidia drivers 3123 (cannot use higher up drivers, I have a geforce 2 GO and the other drivers above that lock up the computer totally either when laoding X or unloading X (depending on which drivers). I have reinstalled the GLX drivers many times but they don't seem to fix it. Any help is appreciated.

--Matthew Shapiro
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