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Default Getting nForce to work with kernel 2.6.3

I have succesfully upgraded to kernel 2.6.3 on my ABIT NF7-s MoBo running Mandrake 9.2, but I can't get my onboard NIC to work.

I have heard of a patch to get NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0261 to work with kernel 2.6 (nvnet-patch).

Has anyone of you succeeded and if so how did you do it? What are the steps I have to follow, which commands etc.

Abit NF7-sl nForce2 / AMD Athlon xp 2700 (@2300 Mhz)
2 x 256 Mb PC 2700 DDR SDRAM
Connect 3D Radeon 9000 128 Mb
Western Digital 120 Gb (7200 rpm, 8 Mb)
Maxtor DiamondMax VL40 31024H1 10.2GB (5400 rpm, 2 Mb)
Lite On DVD / NEC ND-1100A @ ND-1300A

Dual Boot:
Mandrake 10.0 CE

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