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Default install error??!?! AHHH

well, i tried YaST to install it from YOU. but, and error occured download. i think it says ftp site not responding or soemthing. anyway, i finally got the installer to run(put it on cdrw and went from there). the installer came up and worked fine, untill it said this;"ERROR: Unable to determine the NVIDIA kernel module filename" Then below that it reads "ake: *** [select_makefile] Error 1. that is after it tried to compile its own kernal interface. im not sure what to do about this. i couldnt find any help on README files or anything els that i've found. HELP AGAIN PLEASE!!! is it because im running it from the cdrom drive?

IBM xSeries eServer, 2.0 Celeron. 128MB DDR2100 CL2.5 RAM. not sure what chipset, but it is INTEL i beleive. PNY GeForceFX 5200 AGP 128. Samsung CDdrive(40x i think).40GB IBM HDD, Boadcom NetExtreme GigaNet interface. Samsung 955DF monitor. Also has integrated ATI RageXL(works, but not configured for multiple monitor support). SuSE 9.0 PRO(i586)- kernel 2.4.21-192-Default.
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