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Originally posted by -=DVS=-
Is that realy Imperium Galactica 3 under different name ? then its pretty cool if they gonna release it someday hopefully , graphics are nice.
Yup, it's the same game. I made a thread about it a few months ago ( ). Basicly, it was first named IG3 and a demo was released, then it was renamed to Galaxy Andromeda, then it was canceled, then it was picked up by another publisher and renamed to Nexus. It's quite a long history for a game that hasn't been released, but it's still the same game (technically). Though it was never being worked on by the same team who did IG1&2 anyway, so the name doesn't really matter that much.

As for Starcraft: Ghost...well, it's Blizzard. 'nuff said. Though the game isn't actually being developed by Blizzard, which is one of the reasons it's so different from Blizzard's other games (and why I don't have as much faith in it). But anyway, I think it'll probably be released around the end of the year, maybe even earlier. It'll probably be out on Xbox a few months before the GC/PS2 versions of the game though, since the Xbox is their primary development platform.
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