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Default Re: Uber Newbie Question!

Originally posted by Finalnight
Ok, i accidently typed nvdia instead of nvidia in my x config file, now I can't get back into X, HELP! How do I edit my X file from the command line...
your X config file is located under /etc/X11 go to that location and use any of the following editors:
(read about these editors online)

pico etc.

Make sure you make a backup first. to make a backup:
cp XF86config XF86config.backup

To edit:
pico XF86config

Use pico it is easier than vi to learn for newbiews. If you dont have pico installled look for pico rpm and install it from the cds. although vi is extremly more powerfull but hey you just want to edit a small file :-)

Have fun.

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