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Originally posted by tecate428766
wow, i completely forgot about that. I got around 100-150 maxxxx to spend on my system at the current moment. so basically, the gffx5200 is a peice of junk if you want performance? other then my video card, my system ram is my biggest bottle neck. but, does anyone have "decent" performance with the gffx5200?. thats probably a stupid question.
So basically, should i upgrade my system ram first? or just dump my video card completely and buy more ram AND a different card?
Well RAM is definetly the first thing you need... and yes an FX5200NU does stink, but I'd say try your games after the RAM upgrade first. If you're still disatisfied, only then should you do the video card as well

Remember, with that card I wouldn't go higher than 1024x768 if you want good FPS

If it DOES turn out to be a 64bit card though... ditch it without hesitation
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