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Default Problem solved.

I solved the problem of the linux - nvidia driver installation. It was due to the frequent power cuts. ;-) Last time when i compiled my kernel the light went off & later i forgot to do (make modules) & (make modules_install). Now when i did that the driver installed smoothely. Thanx for helping me earlier.


PS: can you name few programs/techniques by which I can download big files from net. I usually download big files (like Redhat linux 8.0) in my college but due to recent power cuts the download has been going bad. I usually download by command
wget -c <url>
Can you please tell my how I can download such big files corectly even if the download breaks in between. The college server runs on Readhat linux 7.1 (No windows :-( , else i could have used Dowload Accelarator Plus).
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