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Default Re: nforce2 no hardware mix, linux

Originally posted by Hates

I recently bought a mainboard with nforce2 chipset. Man was i in for a surprise, one i installed linux on it and tried to load the sound drivers it all seemed ok. SIGH, not because the driver doesn't support hardware mixing. I tell you what this means (no hardware mixing) for all you non techies. IT MEANS THAT YOU NEVER CAN RUN MORE THAN 1 APPLICATION THAT REQUIRES SOUND! (no software mix does not count). As it is not in NVIDIA's roadmap to support Linux in any descent way don't buy their ever.

Currently thinking about a refund campaign. Return the nvidia mainboard and grapics card.

If everybody does this NVIDIA has to, "if it takes the linux platform seriously", develop descent drivers (nforce and geforce), wich i think i does NOT!

Another option can be when all linux users unite and batter nvidia (and all onther NVIDIA forums) with thousands of requests to build descent drivers and not over the linux users with their current policies.

Eighter way, make a choice, don't stand by!

A concerned linux user,
Doesn't ALSA support hardware mixing w/ nForce boards? I know OSS doesn't, but I could swear ALSA does.
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