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well, good news everyone. i was able to return my sucky gffx5200. and i just picked up some ram. 512 ddr2100 for 50 bucks after i mail in a rebate. i would have got a Gig, but 512 is decent for now.
now, next step. find a my self a faster video card other then my geforce3ti200. i found a gf4ti4600 made by HP oddly enough. its $96 shipped. i beleive its 128mb also. as far as speed is conserned. i think that is a winner. next, about my cpu. its a Celeron 2.0Ghz. what i want to do is get a p4. but my motherboard only supports a 533fsb for the p4. does anyone know if you can pick up a p4 533fsb that also has HT with it? my bios has a un-selectible option for HT support. so im halfway confused. because i've never seen a p4 with HT other then the 800mhz fsb's. only reason im asking this is because i've been dealing with AMD cpu's for the better half of 3 years. i never really payed much attention to intel.
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