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Originally posted by netviper13
Doesn't ALSA support hardware mixing w/ nForce boards? I know OSS doesn't, but I could swear ALSA does.
I think you may have hardware-mixing and full-duplex confused.
Alsa supports full-duplex for intel8x0(nfor
Full- duplex is the ability to record and playback simultaneusly.
Hardware-mixing is the abilty to play more than I sound at once.
The Nvidia MCP is perfectly capable of hardware-mixing. But the linux community
does not have a driver which supports this feature.
Nvidia is unwilling to release any technical specifications to ALSA team so that they can write a driver. This is for the reasons allready stated by MUYA.
Maybe somebody will reverse engineer it, as was done with the NIC...
But dont hold your breath.
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