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Default Interlaced support & HDTV

Any ETA on fixing support for interlaced output in the driver?

If/when this arrives, will it support 1920x1080 interlaced?

I've been considering putting together a PC to run MythTV connected to an HDTV.
Several people suggesting using an nVidia chip because MythTV supports using the
mpeg2-deconding acceleration on newer nVidia chips. This is a nice feature for
displaying HDTV content, but isat odds with the need to software-deinterlace the
content, display it on a 1920x540 screen, loosing have the vertical resolution, and
then send that to the TV. If the nVidia driver isn't likely to support 1080i output
in the near future, I think I'm better off doing with a SiS chip I heard about that
can, and a faster CPU.
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