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Default Need to install new kernel as well

Originally posted by forestial
Well I built the kernel from the kernel-sources-2.4.18 - just did
make dep
make clean
make bzImage

this worked just fine (using gcc 2.95 which is standard on debian 3.0).
By the way it produces a different kernel than the one I am running
- the make created 'bzImage' whereas I am actually running a kernel
called vmlinuz-2.4.18-bf2.4 which is what the debian installer gave me.

Did you install your newly compiled kernel ? If not you are still running the one you installed with Debian which may not have been compiled with 2.95. I think the command to install the new kernel image is something along the lines of "dpkg -i kernel_image_2.4.18*.deb". You then probably have to re-run lilo (or grub) to make sure that the volume boot record points to the new kernel image and then reboot to get it running. Your running kernel should be compiled by the same version of gcc that you use to compile the nvidia drivers.

Originally posted by forestial

Anyway, building the kernel from source made no difference to my
problem with the NVIDIA installer. I am beginning to suspect that
the 5336 version of the NVIDIA stuff has some dependency on the
2.6.x kernel and won't work with 2.4.x (?)
I run the 5336 drivers with a kernel image made from the 2.4.18 debian kernel source. This is not a 2.4.18 problem.

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