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Default performance issues / fx5200


i have performance issues with my box. glxgars is giving me about 1/2 the fps (~750) others get with compareable hardware. also, counterstrike (steam/winex3.3) is pretty slow and this should run pretty flawlessly on my box.
i'm well aware of the fact that the 5200 is a low-end card, but like i told, others with the same card have doubled fps..

a short checklist:
- apic anabled
- mttr enabled
- agpgart anabled and loaded
- nvidia module loaded
- direct rendering active
- xf86config-4 in fine condition
- tried to enable/disable ht/smp

my system:
p4@2.4 / 800fsb / 512 mb / gf fx 5200 (passive) / debian/sid / linux 2.6.2 / latest nvidia driver / x @1280x1024/24bit
(i tried other drivers and kernels (2.4.x/2.6.x) as well, even knoppix shows the same results..)

any ideas? i would be thankful for any hint or a pointer in the right direction. if additional information is required, let me know.
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