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Unhappy Kernel 2.6 - Quitting X freezes computer

I've seen some people report similar problems as mine, but haven't found a solution yet, so sorry if this has already been answered...
Since I upgraded to kernel 2.6 everytime I quit X or try to switch to another virtual console (alt+ctrl+F_) my computer freezes (the screen remains full of colored lines and I have to reset my computer); This didn't happen with kernel 2.4.
I'm using Slackware 9.1 with a custom build 2.6.3 kernel (it didn't work with kernels 2.61 & 2.6.2 either); My video card is a MSI GeForce3 ti 200 and my motherboard is also a MSI with nForce2 chipset (K7N2-ILSR);
I tested drivers 5336, 5328 and 4496 (the latter two using patches from, without results (the problem with the 3 is exactly the same);
I saw some posts saying to disable TV out, but my X config file already has "IgnoreDisplayDevices" "TV,DFP" set (and I'm using NvAGP);

This problem is very annoying, but everytime I want to quit X I have to manually reset the computer (luck that filesystem corruptions with reiserfs are very rare - I lost a ext3 partition because I didn't umount it before restarting - now I'm using only reiserfs);
Any help appreciated,


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