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Originally posted by OWA
Hmm, it seems to be running much better for me on the ATI side when using the behind the car view. Anyone else notice this?

Also, does this game use a framerate limiter? Playing with vsync on I'm getting 43 fps on the nvidia side and ATI side.

Although, with the AIW 9800 Pro (using cat 4.2), I get 43 for the in-car view and the outside view. With the 5900U (using det 56.56), I get 43 for the in-car view but I bounce between 43 or so down to the 20s using the outside view. It's even very noticeable right at the start where it pans around the car before the race starts.
I think something is wrong with your system with more powerful CPU, high speed memory and overclocked 5900 Ultra, it should be as twice faster than mine, I used the same driver, the game is very smooth and more than playable on my system with V-Sync on.

I used the all settings maxed with 1024x768x32, 4xFSAA, 8xAF and V-Sync on. On all 3 tracks, I get 35-55fps on behind the car wheels, 45-60fps in both in car view and outside view, the fps never dropped below 30fps. Before the race starts, the fps stayed at 50fps, it didnt dropped like you said.

I may have a good idea why your system has the problem, maybe you got fiiles stored in your hidden temp folder in Documents and Settings folder, if the files here, then deleted it and things should be fine.
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