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Ok, I have a similar problem, and recieved from the Suse support the following:

After installing and updating the kernel-source, do
download NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0261.tar.gz
tar xvzf NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0261.tar.gz
cd nforce
make install
install -m 644 nvnet/nvnet.o
/lib/modules/2.4.21-override-athlon/kernel/drivers/net/ install
-m 644 nvaudio/nvaudio.o /lib/modules/2.4.21-override-athlon/kernel/drivers/ depmod -a

The last four lines should be one command. But, just to warn you, it didn't work for me. Install reports, that --a is an unknown option, and I couldn't figure out why.
So, try it, when you're successful tell me, otherwise, do so 2. Maybe we can both get our network-adapter to work after this malign kernel-update.

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