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Originally posted by Nv40
[b]Notice the key word here is choose ,i think it is
alot better if ATi lets their customers to choose when they
want a part time 16x/4x aniso or when they want a
full time aniso like Nvidia have been doing always.
all-ways .
Not a possibility, NV40. It's a hardware implementation issue. Quite simply, it takes more transistors to do a comprehensive aniso technique.

i dont trust too much in standar game benchmarks ,like most people , because timedemos like those made in quake3 engines
or unreal 1/2 engines tells you at the end only the average frame rate at x or y game . but they never tell you exactly
how smooth the game will run at all-times..
Actually, UT2k3 does output spreadsheets that show exact framerates for each frame, from which you can easily compose framerate graphs. It would be nice if some websites would post benchmarks reflecting these results.
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