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Originally posted by batterbrain101
Go to Start menu, click on Run. Type in msconfig and hit enter.

When the window pops up, click on the tab labled Startup.

Search until you find nvQTwk. Click on it to make the checkmark

go away, meaning that it is no longer selected to load at startup.

This is an old problem, back from the det 2XXX series.
How about NView.dll crash?

I have:
XP Prof SP1, PNY GeForce4 MX420 PCI, Intel P4, 512MB DDR
in Shuttle SS50, SiS 650/315 integrated AGP

With SiS AGP 1.11, SiS 650 2.07 drivers.

NVidia drivers
- crash, if PNY is primary display adapter, primary screen, rendering XP into VGA 4bit/640x480
- crash and above, if PNY is only VGA adapter in XP
- crash, if PNY is secondary adapter with SiS 650/315, XP desktop works OK in SiS desktop

Older drivers:
30.x series: reboot
40.4x, all <= 40.71: Crash in every time, every display adapter conf
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