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Originally posted by Chalnoth
Not a possibility, NV40. It's a hardware implementation issue. Quite simply, it takes more transistors to do a comprehensive aniso technique.
dont you think it is possible via drivers to limit the anisoF
method at some angles ,even if the harware is fully
capable of doing anisoF full time ? i think so ..

Actually, UT2k3 does output sprea
dsheets that show exact framerates for each frame, from which you can easily compose framerate graphs. It would be nice if some websites would post benchmarks reflecting these results.

exactly ,it will be nice if websites show in reviews
slowdowns in framerates and artifacts errors , lately ,TomsH
latest review of the Geforce4 mx-agp 8x vs radeon9000
(a very good one) shows graphs that tells the worst performance
case for both cards ..
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