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Well... I won't go as far as talking about SPDIF.

OK, I got my nforce2 to work on my 2.6.3 kernel (Slackware Linux). I used the forcedeth and 3Com modules, OK!

For the Audio, I followed the tips I read here and I am already listening to music with XMMS and watching movies with MPlayer.

However, I am stuck with 2 speakers only. Has anyone put the Linux box to work with 6 speakers? On Windows it works.

OK, I was trying XMMS and probably the other 4 speakers were not working because the mp3 file was created to use only the 2 front speakers. However, on Windows the driver/software does that for me, splitting the music along the 6 speakers (or faking that *LOL*).

I tried an DivX movie I have on my HD, which supposedly has an AC3 5.1 sound. Even then I could only hear the sound coming from the 2 front speakers.

Ok... that's it! Anyone put the 6 speakers to work? How?

May the Force be with you!
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