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I've posted on this again and again, and the answer is simple: the alpha test/MSAA problem is solvable through programming.
Please stop saying this is a developer problem. Its not. Its a hardware limitation. End of case. Now it does have a work around in software and developers will start to use it. Alpha test were created for a reason, have been used for a long time and still have a purpose in today's games.

But rotated planes do happen, in each and every single game.
Once again I really would suggest trying one out before you say this is such and issue. SS:SE was the ONLY game that I have noticed it in all of the FPS I have played. Yes it does drop down in its AF filtering but I really think you guys really just love to argue a fact and will take any point no matter how little it actually effect your game play...

Oh, and one final thing. The worst-case scenarios for 2x SSAA and other forms of MSAA are the same, if you want to include alpha tests. Both will apply no FSAA in certain situations (MSAA due to how a game is made, SSAA at certain angles). You'd have to go up to at least 4x SSAA to make the appropriate comparison you were attempting to make.
False. MSAA will never apply AA. SS will if the correct sampling pattern is chosen in the x2 case

You discuss this as if it's a "solution to a problem"... something ATI just hasn't been able to figure out yet.
Exactly. Being an EE with more than 10 years of real work experience has taught me every thing about engineering is do-able so long as you are willing to pay the price. Fact its every single design has to make trade offs in order to meet the design goals, product specs or ship date. ATI's AF is not broken. Its working to a margin that is acceptable to ATI and for 99.5% of the other people out there. Sure its not perfect but ATI new what they were doing and agreed that the performance increase is worth a few cases were it falls to a level at or one degree worse then its competitors. Others may disagree and that's fine as they have other beliefs.

Notice the key word here is choose ,i think it is
alot better if ATi lets their customers to choose when they
want a part time 16x/4x aniso or when they want a
full time aniso like Nvidia have been doing always.
all-ways .
I would rather have an adaptive ansio that gives me x16 most of the time and only drops to x8 or x4 under certian conditions that dont show up in many of the FPS shooters with out the larger pef hit. Of course others may want the x8 all the time but will have to suffer the perfromance hit. To each their own...
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