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Question Something very odd- freeze in linux, after installing NV drivers in windows

hi hi,
i am using mandrake 9.1 and have g-force 4 440 MX
i am new to this form, i have went along it and saw freeze problems after going in to X, but i can't relate it to the problem i have.

the nvidia drivers DID work on my system. the problem started after i reinstalled the Nvidea drivers on my windows partition, only then the card made my system freeze each time it went in to X, the mouse still moves, but everything else is jammed, the clock on the login menu stops moving.

i also could run MEPIS which uses the nvidia drivers, (a live CD) but it also freezes now when it enters X, so this isn't a configuration problem!

i am running now on the nv driver.

does anyone know what can cause a cross platform problem like this?
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