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This is such crap, I mean... what the hell is going on? jAkUp has had his Avatar for how long now and no one posted anything about it being a problem. No because I make a better version, oh all people "ChrisRay" whines about this as well and now everyone has to ditch the avatars?

What made them so tolerable before ChrisRay when jAkUp had his for so long?

take a look at the date of the post... 10-20-2003

I just don't get this crap. I have mine for not even 1 day and bam!, it's gone. Mean while jAkUp has had his since October last year and I didn't see ChrisRay waving the "etiquette" flag till now.

So let's see... I have a problem with "ChrisW's" Avatar and wish to see it removed as well as long as we are going to be fair about this.

It appears that if any misrepresentation of a IHV's logo or insignia is used should be removed immediately, including any derogatory remarks or messages to any IHV or Forum member in avatars or signatures as well.

All in all this stinks, though I will gladly change my avatar.


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