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Hey you guys!! "640x480" for UT2K3 with a Ti4200 and T-Bird1200? Grrrr!!!

In the nicest possible way, I think you're a little too keen on upgrading to the latest systems. I run the demo on my system (specs below) and it's ALWAYS 100% playable (drops down to 25fps, I *think* - how do you switch the FPS counter on?). That's at 1024*768 with everything on full (well I turned World Detail down to Med), and some Quincunx Fun and 4X Anisotremendous Textures.

There was a genius thread about 'Still Happy With Your Thunderbird?' or something that makes the point that these systems are still viable games machines.

Please don't take this as a flame, because I love you all (and I'm not even stoned and haven't had a drink since Thursday night. wow ).

Just don't age systems because they're over a few months old, please

Jeez, now I gotta post my spec I shoulda just made it my sig...

1GHz Athlon with a funky 266MHz FSB
Abit KT7A Mobo 1.0
512Mb PC133 SDRAM Cas2
Gainward GeForce4Ti4400 (I love it)
60gig IBM Deskstar 60GXP
SBLive 5.1 Player, DTT2200s, ADSL, DVD drive, CD writer etc
Oh - fabbo 19" Nec Multisync FE950 monitor
I think that's it. I'm upgrading to a funky purple case this week, though

edit: only PenguinJim is simple enough to mispell 'funky'

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