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I think he should be able to make any kind of avatar he likes, and use it. Of course, there's limitations and boundries, but seeing Calvin pissin' all over the already crappy Nvidia shouldn't be one of those limitations. If someone is honestly getting offended and becoming hurt in their interior because Sinvidia is getting bashed on, then they shouldn't be on a public forum, they should be seeking psychiatric help.

And yes, I believe Nvidia's hardware has completely blown since the 5800Ultra (which I owned). Oh, and don't flame me, and consider me another one of those ATi-fanboys. Because I've owned every nvidia card starting from the geforce 2 MX all the way to a 5900. Yes, I did own every single one, and Jakup can vouche for me, since he knows me in RL.

Something that can run SWG somewhat decent.
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