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Originally posted by Chalnoth
It doesn't matter. Neither ATI nor nVidia are going back to a full-screen supersampling technique.
Oh really then why do we keep hearing about a SS mode being availble in the R300 just disabled for now in the drivers?

You seem to misunderstand. With 2x AA enabled, there will be some edge angles to which no AA is actually applied (i.e. when the triangle edge is parallel to the sampling pattern). This is not the case with 4x AA or higher.
No I Understand what you ment but your wording in not correct. If you wrote a very adaptive edge detection algorithm then even in x2 mode you could have a sample point inside the edge and detect it. However thats not the point here. We are taking about a method that NEVER will when Alpha test is used vers a method that fails only under certin conditions...

If you're an EE with so much experience, it should be obvious to you that this is not a performance optimization, but a transistor budget decision.
You know for one that complains about personal attacks so much you would think you would not attack others like this. Thanks for the cheap shot. BTW I am not a graphics designer. I do have experince in DSP, Digital, some IC Fab work and Cell phone/pagers design (including protocol, analog, RF and Manufacturing). So I know enough about how to design for many different enviorments.

But back to the point you do realize that its the same AF method they used back in the R8500 just with an tweak to handle angles better. Thus its a perfromnace tweak as ATI themselves have stated.....
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