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Default FreeBSD on AMD64

First, a word of encouragement for the coders... THANKS for even being aware of FreeBSD! I appreciate the efforts you all have put forth to make my favorite OS work with my favorite video cards!

My question is, are you working on a 64-bit clean version for AMD64 on FreeBSD? I know that there are huge problems since the AMD64 kernel does not support loadable modules (at least "NOT_YET"). This starts a chain of events which includes no Linux (32-bit OR 64-bit) binary compatibility, which I imagine has put a halt to further development.

Might I suggest (as a long-time nVidia buyer -- I recommend your products in all the bid specs I write for my school) taking advantage of the unique opportunity you have to be the first kid on the block with BSD 64-bit clean code for video cards?

It is my considered opinion that AMD64 systems will take off like wildfire, and what with SCO's frivolous lawsuit interest in *BSD will continue to grow.

You might sell a lot of video cards -- certainly enough to justify paying your programmers a few hours' overtime! And who can count the intangible value of all the goodwill you would generate in the BSD/AMD64 community?!

// Joe
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