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Originally posted by S.I.N
In those guys defence I dont think they should have removed anything. Sad to say but your whats wrong with this world Chris. There bigger things in life that worrying about a peeing cartoon avatar. People worrying about Janet showing some nipple (which was coverd) when worse is blatently shown on T.V or happening in real life. Hearing some kid got kidnapped or knowing that there so much damn drugs and guns on the street should be more of a concern. The exploding human head avatar or some racist crap I can understand but come on. Infact your your comments have pissed me off (pardon the pun) the most since I have been at this great site because you stopped to worry about something so meaningless and probaly wont even vote or give to some charity this year.

But to each his own.
Lets take that argument and change perspective. Aren't there are bigger things to worry about than wanting to keep a peeing avatar?

Such a fuss and bother about something so minor.
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