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Originally posted by zander
Is there a document describing the overall status of FreeBSD/x86-64? You say that the kernel doesn't currently support loadable modules, do you have (or can point us (as in the forum members) to) more information on this?
AMD64 on FreeBSD is currently "Tier 1" which means "fully supported". With apologies to Bill Clinton, however, that depends on what the meaning of the word "fully" is...

The "official" homepage of the FreeBSD/AMD64 Project can be found at:

(which doesn't really say much about the status, except to give the impression that AMD64 is "Fully Supported").

From My Own Experience dep't

I built a dual-Opteron on an MSI KT8 motherboard, with the intention of using it as a mail server, web server and internet gateway for my school. About 1 month later, here I sit, using it at this very moment.

2x Opteron 2400 mp
1GB DDR memory
600 GB software RAID (using vinum, which I managed to compile!)

I've been testing it under load, really beating the crap out of it. It laughs at my feeble attempts to load it. This thing is REALLY fast. Almost fast enough to render Open-GL screensavers in realtime with the default nv driver (Non-GL). But not quite.

The only things that I found missing (other people will find many more) is GL driver support for the nVidia card (5900) and I can't get Sun's JDK to compile. Once I do that, I can compile OpenOfficeOrg 1.1 and have a full workstation for office uses, Graphic uses and audio. All 64-bit and insanely fast.

If a 50-yo old fart like myself can get this far with AMD64, think what the rest of the world can do. I've always been a year or two ahead of the curve. I don't think my acceptance of AMD64 is any different. While Intel plays catch-up, AMD will be pumping out LOTS of systems, and the MoBos will only get better.

// Joe
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