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Originally posted by zander
Assuming that it is technically possible to link the NVIDIA driver code into the core kernel (it may not be), the solution really wouldn't be realistic from a licensing and/or maintenance point of view. I seriously doubt an effort will be made to support FreeBSD/x86-64 without support for loadable modules (there may be other technical obstacles as well).
I don't see how licensing becomes an issue. Granted I am completely ignorant of C programming, but it seems to me that if (and that's a big IF) the same code can be EITHER a module OR linked into the kernel, then it wouldn't be fundamentally different from being ONLY a module, as far as licensing goes. I haven't tried it but I wonder if I could include the 32-bit driver into my next 32-bit kernel build. I guess it would take me 5 minutes to find out!

It doesn't appear to me to be necessary to make the driver a part of the core kernel to be distributed with the release. In fact it is my understanding that there are one or two kernel modules that require downloading from a commercial site after validating and jumping through whatever flaming hoops the IP owner insists upon, whether the code is to be used as a module or as part of a monolithic kernel.

Oh! I just noticed something... are we talking about the same CPU? I'm using AMD Opterons, not Intel anything... I'm saying AMD64 and you're saying x86-64. Are they two different things, or are they different names for the same thing? Please forgive my ignorance, I'm new to this whole 64-bit thing.

Of course if I boot with the 32-bit OS, everything is perfect. But I'd rather not have to dual boot to run a screensaver. Or a video editing program. But, try as I might, I can't make any 32-bit code execute with the 64-bit kernel -- if I could, then the problem would be moot!

Thanks for your patience and civility with me!
// Joe
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