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I have the same problem. I have tried RedHat 9 and the drivers work fine. In Mandrake 9.2 I startx and get a black screen and I have to hard reset. I have tried all the fixes found so far. This is a stock install, nothing changed, by the way. I have a Geforce4 Ti4600


Originally posted by salemvam
Hello Antonio:
Once I have installed the drivers, I go back to runlevel 5 (INIT 5) and I can see the logo of nVidia. Then, I can see the KDM that asks me my username and password. Once I login under KDE / GNOME / WindowMaker (or whatever envirnoment) I have only a few seconds of glory after the screen freezes (sometimes the KDE session doesn't start because the screen freezes before and I only get the KDE splash screen paused, and the start session music sounds in a ringlet (one and once again until I make a hard reset). Sometimes I can move the mouse cursor and sometimes I can't... but always the keyboard doesn't respond once this happens).
I tried MDK 9.2b2 and I get the same problem. Now I have just reinstalled MDK 9.1 for third time since this weekend and I'm running now with the generic "nv" driver that comes with XFree 4.3.
I'm a bit inexperienced with Linux, but I know that something is wrong winth MDK and my hardware configuration, because with MEPIS (Debian based distro) and Red Hat 9.0 the nVidia drivers works perfectly.
Your problem was like mine? You solved it upgrading to MDK 9.2? Thanks
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