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Originally posted by SnapIT
There is no Xeon 64 so i have no clue what you are talking about...

Perhaps you mean the Itanium? it has been out for five years, the IA64-II is probably what you mean, this is not a processor for even the mainstream generation of servers, it is EXPENSIVE and from what i have seen performs pretty badly unless you restructure every single line of code, Intel does not have the authority to make companies do that anymore...

Or perhaps you mean the Ia32-e? The cpu that implemented some of the parts of the AM-64 arch but forgot the most important part?

There are kernels for AM-64 for all versions of linux and BSD that are stable...

It would be an interesting question if it wasn't for the fact that the G5 uses a 32bit interpreter to execute the code, the Intel Xeon-64 will never exist and the AMD64 have had it's own kernel for BSD for months...

Regarding the linux kernel, that is a warning you get if your kernel exceeds 1.44 mb (in 2.4 kernels, in 2.5 and later you will not even get the warning) that was it... so, wrong on that too...

So you have absolutely no clue about any of this, i suggest you read before you write...
Thank you for your informative reply. I'm a proud owner of a dual-opteron BSD box, which is in sad need of a working 64-bit nVidia driver.

As to Intel, perhaps I was misled by the news items I read last week about Intel announcing a future Xeon-based CPU with 64-bit extensions.

Perhaps when you read my initial question, you missed what I asked, so here it is again, in a nutshell:

Is there any work going on at nVidia to provide an AMD64 64-bit video driver which could be compiled into the 5.2 or -CURRENT 64-bit FreeBSD kernel? (That kernel does not support modules, so Linux-compatibility mode and kld modules are out of the question.)

Thanks again for your information. You helped me see more clearly.

// Joe
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