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Default Same problem

I don't know if it's related, but it probably is...
I've posted several times this issue I have on my laptop, it's a dell inspiron 4100 with a geforce2go 32mb, 640mb ram p3 866.
If I use mandrake 9.2 and the nvidia 4496 drivers it runs flawlessly a little slow at times, but perfectly stable and I am quite happy with it. If I try to upgrade to the 53xx series nvidia drivers they will install just fine, but X will freeze and I have to unplug my battery and power to get it to shutdown. If I try to use a 2.6 kernel all hell breaks loose, not only can I not use the 4496 drivers, but the 53xx series drivers will completly destroy my X install and in the last instance I tried, it also destroyed vim (when I was editing XF86Config-4 probably). I have to either remove X and reinstall it (not an easy task), or reinstall mandrake. If I use the NV drivers of course on 2.6 everything works just fine, but then no GL programs of course. To me this is a major issue, I certainly hope it get's fixed soon, or someone figures a way around it.
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