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Originally posted by shupienis
Thank you for your informative reply. I'm a proud owner of a dual-opteron BSD box, which is in sad need of a working 64-bit nVidia driver.

As to Intel, perhaps I was misled by the news items I read last week about Intel announcing a future Xeon-based CPU with 64-bit extensions.

Perhaps when you read my initial question, you missed what I asked, so here it is again, in a nutshell:

Is there any work going on at nVidia to provide an AMD64 64-bit video driver which could be compiled into the 5.2 or -CURRENT 64-bit FreeBSD kernel? (That kernel does not support modules, so Linux-compatibility mode and kld modules are out of the question.)

Thanks again for your information. You helped me see more clearly.

// Joe
Actually, i have to admit that i have not gone into any great depths with the AM-64 Current kernel because of lack of time, but i have a system that i intend to use it on, but the non support of modules sounds horrible, that means that only an integral part of the kernel can be used for drivers...

IE that means that every driver has to fit inside EBDA too, which would suck for servers with RAID, LVM, and several GB E drivers along with standard drivers and filesystems... it would be impossible to implement...

I have to look into this a bit more, but it has to be a temp solution...

The CPU you are thinking of is probably the ia32-e, it does not implement any of the per page permissions, so i consider the ia32-e a second rate CPU...

Actually rereading Theos mail makes me realize that it will not only not implement any 64-bit permissions, it will not implement any 32bit permissions either... WIDE OPEN...

Hopefully they are working on that though... Theos cpu was pre-production so maybe some of it will be implemented in the finished work, time will tell...
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