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Unhappy nvidia and Mandrake

I am running a SOYO KT600 Dragon Plus mobo with the video chip Chaintech A-G842 nVIDIA GForce4 MX440-8X 64MB DDR AGP8X, DVI & TV-Out. The CPU is an Athlon 2.0 GHz. RAM is 512MB. There are 5 fans on board.

The nvidia driver that comes with the Mandrake 9.2.1 ISO set will let me setup an X-server but the X-server will not run GL applications. Either they hang or they are slow. After a successful install of the 4496 binary, and making all the modifications required in XF86Config-4, attempts to start the X-server fail with a total screen, keyboard and mouse lockup. 4/5ths of the screen is black. The bottom fifth looks as if the X-server was squeezed into it.

I've tried "NvAGP" with all its options and I've set the BIOS AGPX setting to 4X and to 1X but none of these changes work.

I want to stay with Mandrake. I am adding my experience to the list of folks who have nearly identical experiences so that a squeeky wheel might get a little greese.

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