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Originally posted by SnapIT

IE that means that every driver has to fit inside EBDA too, which would suck for servers with RAID, LVM, and several GB E drivers along with standard drivers and filesystems... it would be impossible to implement...
You betcha! I fought for the better part of a week to get vinum compiled in. Succeeded. 600G Raid now read/write at 60Meg/second sustained, with 100% redundancy! Then I needed netgraph. Then after doing netgraph, I found out I DIDN'T need it.

Modules woulda made it a lot easier! But the line in the kernel config that says "no_modules=not_yet" or somesuch give me hope that modules will appear soon. Meanwhile, I'm happy to live with lumpy software. Since the machine will live on the Net, I take a short solace in the fact that no 64-bit rootkits are floating around yet...

Kind of like the promised Xeon-64. Have a read...

(from slashdot...)

Now comes the shocker: Intel boss Craig Barrett today anounced that Xeon-class 64-bit server CPUs codenamed Nocona will be coming out the second half of 2004. It isn't clear whether they will support AMD's Opteron AMD64 extensions. Barrett is quoted saying, 'There will be one operating system that will support all (64-bit) extended systems.' Maybe 64-bit computing is right around the corner after all, and we may even see compatible instruction sets from Intel and AMD! And does this mean that Intel will be dumping Itanium, which never caught on as expected in the server market, and forget the billions spent on developing it?"

I have to look into this a bit more, but it has to be a temp solution...

The CPU you are thinking of is probably the ia32-e, it does not implement any of the per page permissions, so i consider the ia32-e a second rate CPU...

Actually rereading Theos mail makes me realize that it will not only not implement any 64-bit permissions, it will not implement any 32bit permissions either... WIDE OPEN...

Hopefully they are working on that though... Theos cpu was pre-production so maybe some of it will be implemented in the finished work, time will tell... [/b]
Sir William of Bluescreen would like that chip! At any rate, Itanium is dead, total sales of 400k units overall. Not good. Xeon is dying of old age. The "pentium-4/64" or ia32-e is dead meat, too. Nobody wants a chip with no software!
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