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Originally posted by J.F.
G5 is not an extension to the 32 bit architecture. You forgot that the PowerPC architecture was just a stripped down version of the POWER architecture, which was 64 bit originally. The PowerPC has ALWAYS had 64 bit instructions and architecture, but in the 32 bit processors, the 64 bit opcodes generate an exception to allow them to be emulated.

Thank you. I stand corrected.

Apple didn't care for the BSD driver model and tossed it out. They used a model based on the Next Mach-O kernel drivers. So OSX drivers cannot be used with other BSDs, even though OSX is mostly BSD.
Now that is really interesting, and pertinent to my own selfish little corner of the universe, because -- as I understand it -- the FreeBSD AMD64 kernel is also a Mach-based kernel. (How fitting that I sing weekly (weakly?) across the street from the CMU Software Engineering Institute here in Pittsburgh!)

This discussion is getting interesting, now!

... // Joe
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