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Originally posted by S.I.N
In those guys defence I dont think they should have removed anything. Sad to say but your whats wrong with this world Chris. There bigger things in life that worrying about a peeing cartoon avatar. People worrying about Janet showing some nipple (which was coverd) when worse is blatently shown on T.V or happening in real life. Hearing some kid got kidnapped or knowing that there so much damn drugs and guns on the street should be more of a concern. The exploding human head avatar or some racist crap I can understand but come on. Infact your your comments have pissed me off (pardon the pun) the most since I have been at this great site because you stopped to worry about something so meaningless and probaly wont even vote or give to some charity this year.

But to each his own.

Considering Nothing I say about what goes on tv is going to impact or change anything, So I dont see how its relevent. And besides, Here saying something, Will possibly have an impact, What you find offensive and what I find offensive are 2 very different things, The difference is somethings I have a chance to change. Some things I have no chance to change. Some things I take proper steps to avoid, I know there are guns and child molestors on the street, I take proper steps to protect myself and the ones I love, Considering these comments are so way off I dont even see how they are relevent, The difference between the situations you described and whats going on here is I can make my beliefs heard feasibly and without effort thats going to inconveniance me in such a way that its going to hurt or affect my day to day life.

The feedback forum is here so I can impart my own beliefs and views on what I feel is best for this site, Your comments about how I act under situations where I believe improvements can be made is far off and completely exxagerated it doesnt even deem worthy of a reply,

Obviously I dont satisfy myself with Status Quo when I believe improvements can be made, This is been true to me in any situation, If I am not satisfied with something, I make my opinion well known, Whether I am right or wrong.

You may be fine with status quo and believe there are more important things to worry about, Thats fine. I'm not, You are just as capable as of complaining about a situation as I am. As you have proven here, and as its been pointed out, Why complain about a complainer? Does the word Hypocrit come to mind? The fact is I dont think it was apropriate for this forum. And I stand my grounds on that. Get as mad as you like. But maybe, You are the one who needs to sit back and chill.

This is just a forum after all,
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